Incoda is one of the most succesful media advertising companies and offers best outdoor advertising. We, being a media solution company, have always loved to experiment with the art and science of advertisement and brand building. Our passion for what we do doesn’t allow us to stop working for you and formulate our strategic movement to get your own box where you can find your target group to whom you can shout out your business messages. With an immense experience in ad solutions, Incoda has pioneered the return on investment in the media with contemporary technologies. At Incoda, we have redefined the working relationship with diversity in thoughts and uniqueness in the way we offer solutions.


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We are a dynamic media solution company, offering state-of-the-art advertisement solution to business houses in different parts of the country. We offer business houses the best suited media to advertise their brands and reach out to their target group with their specific business message. While ensuring the optimum ROI and brand recall we keep in mind the highest quality services to commit the consumer engagement on different levels.

Being one of the best advertising firms we understand that your business needs a cutting edge solution for advertisement and branding amidst the highly dynamic market trends and consumer behaviours. The Incoda is the perfect pick for you to address your specific advertisement need that is crucial for the growth of your business and brand enhancement.

Incoda TV HD – the first optical fiber digital transmission network

Incoda TV HD is the owner of first ever optical fiber digital transmission network services in the country’s first underground mass transit system. We are in the process of constant development and now soon to be the first HD channel in the Eastern India. ITV is one of the major mass media and infotainment broadcast services operating in all stations of the Kolklata metro railway.

Incoda TV HD is a digital television channel that is transmitted from our own studio based in Kolkata. The channel offers a wide range of program including news, talk shows, entertainment programs and more. Incoda TV HD is one of the largest and most reputable vertical of The Incoda. The channel was established with a strategic plan, aiming at serving the waiting commuters in the Kolkata metro railway premises by offering the widest range of infotainment. Incoda TV HD grabs 1.33 crores of unique eye balls per month - captive audience in an absolutely no-diversion and no-distraction environment.

Incoda Traffic Booth Media – unique media properties

We are the proud owners of over 1200 unique traffic booth media properties throughout the country, among which over 750 unique media properties are in Kolkata and Rest of Bengal and a few hundreds more in the major cities across the country. Our manual as well as assistance booths are unique in style and insofar safety is concerned. As demanded by the Kolkata police in the beginning of 2006, we developed an accident proof and utility based traffic console booths that eventually phased out the traditional wooden boxes that were less secured and less safe.

With an aim to stimulate creativity into utility, The Incoda Traffic Console Booth has made a mark with its very uniqueness. Sturdy as well as creative these Incoda police kiosks soon turned out to be another most effective media for advertisement.

Metro Train Branding

In Coach Branding (Non AC) Out Coach Branding (Non AC) In Coach Branding (AC) Out Coach Branding (AC)

IDM - Incoda Dangler Media

Incoda Dangler Media in all the 13 AC Metro Rakes. An unique Clutter free Cutting Edge Media

Un Cluttered Positioning : A Push Delivering Media At the Best it will stand out from competitive ads. Because of the unique clutter free positioning. It will automatically generate a sense of curiosity and alertness.

Mind Boggling Numbers: 644 numbers of Dangler facia in each Rakes . 0 94 Numbers per coaches. Imagine each 40ft (approx) long Coach having 80-84 Dangler facia of Advertisement hanging at Eye Level from very close range. The sheer numbers are so interruptive that it will simply make you stop and notice it.

A No Nonsense No Miss out Media - Delivering the massage at Eye Level , with staggering numbers. Dangler with Both Side Facia at Eye level 644 numbers an 100% OTS Media will spontaneously generate a high attention level of the Captive Audience. A simple Massage A solid Positioning strategy sheer hammering number will take your Brand Salience to the Zenith.

Our Background: Pot Pourrie Creations

Never to be forgettable chapter – the Pot Pourrie Creations is our background. It is one of our verticals that is engaged in experimenting and manufacturing of ceramic artefacts. Currently we have expanded our wings and have come up with artefacts crafted out of precious and semi-precious gems with gold inlay on them – first time in the world.

Our artistically skilled craftsmen have been making relentless pursuits to bring in a revolution in the art of pottery. The artefacts created in our studio have been highly admired and cherished at the international exhibitions held in different parts of the world, including Middle East and the UK. It is due to our artists’ unparalleled skill that our flamboyant craftworks attracted international eyeballs.

Incoda 360 Degree Digital Media Solution (Future Plan in Progress)

Incoda 360 degree digital media solution aims at serving the best possible online advertisement services offered to small to large business houses through our best of its kind business directory. This is an advanced module of what is known as online advertisement, and includes brand promotion activities on the World Wide Web for the users accessing Internet via computers, mobile phones as well as on tablets.

Incoda 360 degree digital solution offers the best online promotional services that can be described as a unique form of marketing that enables you to reach out to your target group with your brand and business messages depicted on a web page that is effectively designed for advertisement on the Internet (Search, Display, Classifieds and Mobile devices)

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