Potpourrie Creations:

We have a very strong background of researching, manufacturing and exhibiting artefacts - especially of ceramic art. We have earned a great deal of admirations in the international exhibitions held in different parts of the world - especially in the Middle East and some of the major cities the UK, namely in different cities of the UK namely, London, Birmingham, Leicester, Luton, Croydon etc. Pot Pourrie Creations are uniquely handcrafted, soft- ceramic artifacts created by 250 highly skilled artists of India. It would be relevant to mention over here that some of the most renowned art critics of the world have commended us as the most creative 'Designer' pottery makers in the world. The shows in London were organised by none other than Mrs. Ramola Bachchan (sister-in-law of the legendry Indian movie actor, Mr. Amitabh Harivansh Bachchan) who needs no introduction. Mrs. Ramola Bachchan also played an active part in promoting our creations across the UK.


These days this division - Pot Pourrie Creations is engaged in experimenting and manufacturing a wide range of artefacts with precious as well as semi-precious gems with gold inlay - first time of its kind in the world. All our artworks are made according to the demands and tastes of international buyers.

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